AlphaSwiss Partners

the client AlphaSwiss is a Geneva-based wealth management firm, providing independent, unbiased advice to clients. They have a strong grasp of today’s demanding financial environment and an old-fashioned emphasis on loyalty and integrity. They have brought together a team of senior bankers who are recognized as true partners by their clients. They combine their banking expertise with entrepreneurial spirit and a network of global contacts, with the aim of maximising their value to their clients. the request The founders of AlphaSwiss contacted us before their company was formed. Starting from a blank canvas, they needed everything from a company name, a corporate identity, marketing materials and a website. There are many wealth management companies in Geneva and setting them apart from the competition was a key success factor for them. They needed to show how their business approach is unique and why they are trustworthy. the solution It is not often we get to follow a company from its birth and we made the best of the opportunity. After helping the founders choose the company name that became AlphaSwiss Partners, we worked on their corporate identity. Their brand is both modern and traditional, showing that they hold the values that made Switzerland the land […]


der auftraggeber Pensimo ist ein führendes Immobilien-Management-Unternehmen, das vor allem für Pensionskassen und institutionelle Anleger tätig ist. Sie verwaltet eine Reihe von Investmentfonds und hat sich auf die Entwicklung, den Verkauf und die Vermietung von Büroflächen und Wohnimmobilien spezialisiert. die herausforderung Die Pensimo-Website war technisch veraltet und musste in ein modernes Opensource Content Management System überführt werden. Neben dem Migrationsauftrag brachte es die Aufgabe mit sich, dass die auch die Markenstrategie, das Corporate Design sowie die Informationsarchitektur zu überdenken waren. die lösung Während es gelungen ist, das Gesamtbild  der Website einigermassen zu bewahren, wurde hinter den Kulissen eine von Retuschen und technischen Finessen entwickelt und integriert. Hinter der vermeintlich gleichen Fassade verbirgt sich eine völlig neue Website mit  in einem State-of-the-Art-CMS und einer stringent durchdeklinierten Markenarchitektur. 7656 0 7656 0 7656 0 7656 0 Pensimo website open website


the client The Police units of the canton and city of Zurich decided in 2012 to merge their individual police academies to one single institution. Every future policeman and policewoman recruited by either entity has to run through a 12 month study program.  the request In order to achieve a common team spirit and a mutual respect of the two rivaling units, the government of the canton and the city of Zurich decided to create a new corporate identity bearing the new verbal identity of the Zürcher Polizeischule as well as its political adherence to the city and the state of Zurich. the solution B,H suggested a new brand design consisting of a characteristic typeface and logo hinting at a protective shield but also an icon signaling a digital asset. The design was derived in permanent signage, office templates and a fully responsive website. 9687 0 9687 0 9687 0 9687 0 9687 0 Polizeischule website open website

Abraxas Informatik

the client Abraxas Informatik is a specialised IT solution provider to Swiss Government Organisations such as public administration, police force, courts of justice or traffic administration. As part of their effort to grow business, they wanted to acquire new clients in related areas in the private sector. the request In order to provide a powerful visual identity, Abraxas Informatik asked B,H to freshen up their brand design. B,H renovated their corporate design as well as all communication means. Their needs included a new responsive website, product videos, brochures and display items. the solution The new brand design focuses on a clear cut typeface, an enthusiastic colour code with orange and blue as well as a new imagery that was produced on the spots of delivery of Abraxas' software solutions. Abraxas has greatly improved their awareness, defended their business and gained important pitches. B,H has been following Abraxas since 2011 delivering brand materials such as brochures, advertising, display, web design and more. 16424 0 16424 0 16424 0 16424 0 16424 0 16424 0 16424 0 Abraxas Informatik website open website

Swiss Re

the client The world's second largest reinsurance company has worked with B,H for more than a decade. After expanding in investment banking, they refocused on their core industry. B,H supported the company in various task, particularly in the domain of marketing communication, for instance with a mock-up of The Financial Times for the annual reinsurance premium summit in Monte Carlo.  the request Internal Communication, Sponsoring and Corporate Social Responsibility are of particular interest at B,H. When Swiss Re was looking for a qualified partner to communicate their philanthropic engagements, they opted for our agency to work out an ad campaign to communicate their sponsoring commitment for Zurich's cultural institutions.  the solution The challenge was to come up with an idea that would on one hand support the individual institutions such as the Zurich Opera, the Schauspielhaus, the Tonhalle-Orchester or the Kunsthaus. In order to show Swiss Re's concern and competence, we chose an ambassador for each house, projecting on these personalities a key topic. 10036 1 10036 0 10036 1 10036 0 10036 0 10035 0 10035 0 10035 0 10035 0


the client web2com was a strategic unit of Publigroupe for the planning and execution of digital media campaigns. The company has been fully integrated in the group which, in the meantime, has been sold. After two years of a focused communication efforts, elevated the awareness of web2com to the likes of brands such as 100 year old Publicitas. the request The company was looking for an original visual identity to be communicated in combination with their unique skill set, covering various areas of online marketing. The design was to be engaged in advertising, brochures and online display advertisements.  the solution B,H won the pitch with an astonishing concept projecting the brand name with specific offerings. The typeface was used to illustrate the essence of their specific services and subjects. 10015 0 10015 0 10015 0 10015 0

Business cards

Some say business cards will soon disappear. We disagree. Business cards, when done right, are the perfect sidekick when networking. From the moment you meet someone, you start making an impression and give your interlocutor an experience of who you are. The business card allows that person to attach that experience to a visual cue. A good business card is, therefore, crucial, from its design to its paper feel. Other special features can give it a unique look like the use of metallic colors, embossing or debossing, side colors or even custom laser cuts. Your business card should provide a unique experience, just as much as speaking with you would. 5306 1 5304 0 5133 0 5306 0 5306 0 5306 0