The journey to a new website

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The trial and tribulations of building a website for the toughest client of all, ourselves.

There is a saying among web design agencies: the more dated your agency website looks, the more successful you are. In our case, we just never found the time to work on our own marketing. But eventually, we simply had to make the jump and hire ourselves to design a new agency website.
It was good timing too. With a growing agency and team, we decided in early 2017 to rework our brand strategy. Out of this process came a new claim we’re quite fond of. What does Brain & Heart do ? Elevate Your Brand.


Behind these simple words comes a statement of quality we are known for. We take a brand as a rough diamond full of untapped potential, and polish it to reveal its precious value. Pushing the concept of elevation further, we conceptualized our website with a spatial theme visible at multiple levels of our agency story. Our Core Universes sit atop our expertises and services. Iconography uses galaxies and headers contain beautiful images of stars.


But before we worked on the design, we focused on content and this begins by telling a story. The home page needs to catch the attention of the visitor and quickly deliver the information she seeks. We asked ourselves what our potential clients would want to know first when visiting our website for the first time. A typical question they would ask is “does Brain & Heart provide the marketing services I need?” To answer this question, we first made a list of deliverables we provide. As a result, our claim communicates this telling our visitors we not only Elevate your brand, but also your website, your social media marketing, your SEA, etc. All the following elements help answer the most relevant questions one might ask about Brain & Heart in an efficient way while inviting to read more when needed.


Our new web design communicates a strong corporate identity, but the portfolio is where we allowed ourselves to break our own rules. Project pages leave room for our Clients’ brands to take higher priority. Their colors and marketing material blanket the entire page allowing the visitor to lose herself in a different world, before being brought back to ours.

As fun and exciting it is to work on our clients’ websites, it is always a challenge to do the same for ourselves. Nonetheless, it was a fruitful experience, we’ve learned a lot about ourselves, and our new website represents Brain & Heart truly both in text and design.

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Alp Tekyildiz, Expert in Digital Marketing and Digital Solutions, Brain & Heart Communication

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