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Brain & Heart is a team of experts in Branding, Integrated Communication, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing and Social Media. With a focus on strategy and consultancy work, we offer a high value service on all our projects, together with an expert network of selected, experienced creatives in the area of design, copywriting, filming, photography and digital media.

Elevate Your Brand

Your needs are as unique as your brand. We are committed to understand your business as much as you do. Brain & Heart accompanies you in the transformation of your organizational structures, the digital transformation of your communication and marketing as well as campaigns.


Switzerland is an open economy with a thriving international community that may appreciate to conduct business in English, French or German. Brain & Heart is composed of international and multicultural communication specialists with a local focus. To further our international reach, we are a member of thenetworkone.

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Our Core Expertise

Integrated Communication

We take a holistic approach to your entire business, your products and services to ensure that your communication empowers your team and makes your business thrive.

Brand Management

We provide guidance to assess and refine your Brand Strategy as well as your brand guidelines for the modern, digital world. We produce the materials you need and ensure your brand communicates consistently on all channels.

Digital Marketing

We build strategies, concepts, campaigns and improve your SEO, SEM, SEA to promote your brand across digital channels. Reach out to your specific target audience, generate leads and achieve your core business goals.

Digital Solutions

A world of digital tools is available, but which should you use? We select technologies, develop, and design the best tools, whether for websites, mobile apps or other platforms, tailor-made to your specific needs.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the answer to today’s challenges to manage a dynamic website, to always stay relevant and up to date, to be found through search engines and to not be excluded by adblockers. It is a long-term investment.

Social Media Marketing

Today it is a must have! We help you with your strategy and concept, coach your team and ensure that your channels and measures meet today’s best practices. We are experts in Facebook Business, Facebook Ads, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and more.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation has become the decisive evolutionary entrepreneurial challenge because it affects all levels of an organization and its extended supply chain. People, not technology, are the most important piece in the digital transformation puzzle. We are navigating you through the transformation.

Change Management

Companies need a comprehensive, systematic approach to the analysis, implementation and monitoring of change projects. We create intervention architectures with the inclusion of evidence-based knowledge. We use digital communication tools to manage change effectively.

What specific services do you need?

A Proven Methodology

We are your experts and partners throughout all stages of a project:
from strategy, consulting, conception, creation, project management, quality assurance, design, development to the final execution.

We deliver all our services along the whole Content Marketing cycle.

1. Listen

To understand what your clients and prospect clients are looking and longing for we need to listen. We help you choose the right tools, the right topics, the right settings so that you can cut through the noise.

2. Plan

No project, campaign, content or post will ever be as good as it could be, nor ready in time without the right plan. We are by your side with professional project management, help you with your all year macro plan and down to your flexible project or editorial micro plan.

3. Create

Each piece of content, every campaign and project has to stand up to today’s best practices, they have to be scalable and need to pay into your company’s business goals. We help you build a campaign that will maximize your return on investment and is easy to scale.

4. Publish

Choosing the right channels and the right timing is absolutely critical for the success of every activity or measure.

We are your experts in multi-channel marketing.

6. Advertise & Scale

Even the best content and the best campaigns can vanish in the noise of the web without proper promotion and without scaling it to further communication channels. We know the right measures and tools to make your content and your campaign visible and successful.

6. Evaluate

In a time of constant change it is indispensable to measure and evaluate. This is the only way to assure constant success and learn from past mistakes. We help you to set the right KPIs, measure the right data, to interpret the results and make them actionable.

An Agile Methodology for Adaptability and Flexibility


At Brain & Heart, we are a team of communication specialists dedicated to our clients’ business success. We are project leaders, out-of-the-box thinkers and creative innovators, with fluency in English, German and French. We are organized in a unique partner model uniting communications experts of different fields assuring outstanding results and a single point of contact even for complex projects. The partners are backed up with a young and creative inhouse team.

Peter Erni

Peter Erni

CEO // Content Marketing & Social Media

Marc Bohnenblust

Marc Bohnenblust

Chairman of the Board // Integrierte Kommunikation & Markenführung

Nora Lehmann

Nora Lehmann

Jr. Social Media Marketing Manager

Shirin von Arx

Shirin von Arx

Content, Social Media, & Digital Marketing Intern

Nijan Ouliaei

Nijan Ouliaei

Social Media Manager - Freelancer


Preferred Experts

Brain & Heart works with external experts handpicked for specific projects.
We maintain a close relationship with our Preferred Experts, and work with them regularly.

Patrick Müller

Patrick Müller

Founder & Owner "Happy Content Marketing"

Content-Marketing-Campaigns, Creative Direction, Conception
Dr. Reto Wilhelm

Dr. Reto Wilhelm

Managing Owner at Panta Rhei PR

Strategic communication consulting, integrated communication, 4-D storytelling, convergent content marketing, corporate publishing, crisis communication, media training, etc.
Jan Biller

Jan Biller

Head of Customer Success & Partner, GlowingBlue

Expert for Corporate Communities, Community Management, Gamification und Crowdsourcing
Alp Tekyildiz

Alp Tekyildiz

Expert in Website Production & Maintenance

Matthias Taugwalder

Matthias Taugwalder

Owner, CONCEPT360 GmbH

Expert in 360°, Augmented & Virtual Reality
Patrick Samson

Patrick Samson

Project Leader #Digitalfit, Post CH AG

Expert for Digital Transformation and Change Management


In order to offer our clients a wide range of services, we work closely with our preferred partner agencies.


Our customers also benefit from the opportunities offered by our preferred management and technology solutions.