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Weltness GmbH recently launched Spada, a new lifestyle soft drink. The invigorating beverage can be enjoyed either on its own or in a mixed drink. Brain & Heart were commissioned to develop an online shop and website for the product. To underscore the brand concept, the website’s modern, fresh design targets a young and extroverted target group.


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Scene-savvy Matthias Buob and Reto Allensbach saw the potential for a lifestyle soft drink that would be platable both “on the rocks” and as a taste enhancer for long drinks. After a series of test runs, they launched Spada, a refreshing tonic with natural extracts that is based on pomegranate juice.

Subsequent sales went primarily over restaurants and an online platform. Brain & Heart was commissioned to develop a simple but stylish website with an e-commerce option, in short, a platform whose design would appeal to a vital, young and extroverted target group.


Brain & Heart adapted the client’s design specifications into a straightforward website with a modern look and attractive product presentation. The brand concept demanded a design that reflected the Spada brand and its bold directive: “Deserve it!”

Brain & Heart took on the choice of visuals, and post-production adjusted the design and the brand identity. An action shot was integrated into the start page, meaning to “wet the client’s whistle” for the vitalizing lifestyle beverage. Images in an alternating slider play on the fresh taste of the soft drink.

Various parallax angles are also used on the website, such that its individual levels move at different speeds. They give the impression of depth and suggest that the viewer enter the Spada marketplace to discover the new beverage.

The product and its refreshing taste are presented under “The Flavour” header. Brain & Heart chose a suitable pictogramme for this section, which illustrates the soft drink’s natural ingredients.


The website was realised with a WordPress template which integrated a social media-sharing function and a short video. Brain & Heart also optimised the website’s search engine (SEO).

Using Woocommerce, an e-commerce solution and online shop were realised for private clients, the gastronomy sector and various intermediaries. Brain & Heart also integrated orders and payment applications with an account and shopping basket. The online shop is connected to Six Payment.


The Spada brand is digitally tangible on the website and the online shop makes it possible to order soft drinks directly. Particularly the separation of the brand experience and the online shop has proved itself valuable to the consumer and shortens the customer journey.

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