AXA Winterthur

AXA Winterthur


AXA Winterthur’s insurance products and innovative services make it easy for clients to plan for their future. Brain & Heart worked with AXA on their social media Facebook campaign as part of the new AXA advertising strategy. Having adapted some of the existing ad elements for social media use, Brain & Heart added humorous memes to make the overall campaign even more appealing to younger target groups.


  • Concept social media campaign
  • Creation social media campaign
  • Integration of campaign elements
  • Project management and coordination


The new AXA advertising campaign underlines the company’s attempt to move away from the insurance-centric angle into a more open-minded and helpful service company. It does so by using three different TV spots and a smart mix of online ads. Brain & Heart’s social media campaign, with its a focus on pick-up and delivery services during car repairs, 48-hour payments and advance payment in the event of a claim, reached out to the main target groups: younger people in the work force, young families and small-to-medium enterprises.


The campaign’s focus is on branding that will boost awareness of the AXA Winterthur brand. In the social media campaign, measures were designed for three different target groups, as well as three innovative services in the AXA offer. The campaign was advertised on Facebook, and Brain & Heart also took on the timeline and dramaturgy to insure an optimal performance. The social media campaign intended to develop a performance for video viewing, and visits to the relevant landing pages to the services were also to be generated. The actual launch, optimisation and control/supervision of the Facebook ads lay with Hutter Consulting.

The idea for “Faces” behind the existing ad campaign was to show how people can react emotionally to a problem in their daily lives that they can, however, master with the help of a highly reputable insurance company. Brain & Heart developed the “Faces” concept further for the social media campaign, and on-hand campaign elements were also integrated.


The existing campaign elements were used as ambient noise for the campaign on Facebook, where three videos and the visuals for two carousel ads link to four landing pages where the relevant service offer is displayed. Brain & Heart were responsible for the refurbishing and adjustments of the photo and video materials.

For the “Faces” idea, Brain & Heart created ads featuring both comical faces and peppy texts. Since they drew out a palette of different emotions, these memes served to trigger interaction for the Facebook campaign, gain attention and spur curiosity. All the memes were mounted as short videos with animated texts, which Brain & Heart also wrote with the intent of marketing AXA’s three service areas and its two target groups. Given that, the “Text atop photo” Facebook problem was skirted, and a creative, efficient team went on to develop the meme theme further. These particular ads spoke directly but casually to young professionals and families. And the Facebook memes have shown to be of great interest to a keen young audience.

All the visitors to AXA’s landing pages’ palate of services will be approached again at a later date. The photographic material for the retargeted ads were drawn and readapted from the existing campaign’s web banner.

For the Social Media campaign’s ads, A/B testing, a carousel and a retarget have since been achieved. Finally, three cues for the video and link ads were given during the campaign.

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