Content Marketing Manifesto

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What is content marketing and why is it relevant for your company? Read and find out!

Content Marketing is the answer to new challenges posed by operating a dynamic website, keeping up to date, being able to be located by search engines and being resistant to ad-blockers. It represents a long-term investment. Relevant content about a company is found, not simply via the brand or product descriptions, but also over themes. The larger the catalog of relevant content, the greater and more efficiently acquired the company’s profits. Good content is the interface between business relevance and customer interest, and good content generates win-wins both for the company and the consumer. In principle:

The story X scenario X community = success


It is with good reason that many companies feel under tremendous pressure from the sudden demands on them to serve as their own media company. Rarely do they have the resources that a publication and/or editing team has at its disposal: journalists and authors, who plan, create, publish, and market huge amounts of relevant content. That said, a content marketing strategy or a content marketing concept, by definition, always has resource planning tools and efficient distribution statistics at hand to support the creation of suitable content. In order to optimally generate, subsequently publish and give viable presence in the appropriate channels, certain standards must be established.

The role of a BLOG

Content marketing requires a content centre. In most instances, this would be a content container such as a blog. The individual blog articles count among the pull measures of the marketing strategy and affect the various search engines’ rankings positively.


The same blog articles, in a second step, can be circulated as social media posts, social ads and as search engine advertising (SEA). As push measures, those channels serve as a kind of megaphone, whereas by linking on the blog articles, the readership is directed back to the company’s website. As such, they could be understood as an inbound content marketing measure.

New client acquisition, customer service and client relationships

Content marketing defines measures for new client acquisition, customer service and client relationships. The goal that content management targets for new client acquisition is to identify and cover relevant thematic areas and keywords, so that potential new customers can use them to locate the company and its service offer. Independent of SEA, any given offer should target the highest possible ranking by the search engines. Content management for customer service gives information, for example, about new products or useful tips in product handling. To support the client relationship, content marketing primarily seeks to explore thought leadership in a given theme area, and to give to the client the repeated assurance that he or she is in the best of hands and will be getting the optimal solution.

«The Real Problem was never Social Media but how to handle all the channels, its users and the content to make those thrive.»

Peter Erni, Expert in Content Marketing and Social Media, Brain & Heart Communication

The atomized content principle

Successful content marketing makes it possible to bundle individual measures in small lots for distribution to a variety of channels. Through such measures – often referred to as “atomized content” – experience has shown that as many as four of five social media posts can be extracted from a single blog article. Such posts can be effectively staggered over a period of weeks, months or even years.

EVERGREEN CONTENT boosts efficiency

In addition to content with news character, so-called “evergreen content” is of key importance. This is particularly interesting at an early stage since such content can be re-published, distributed and advertised among the social media channels at least once every twelve months, each time packaged, published, and advertising somewhat differently. A basic stock of 20-30 carefully crafted and print-ready evergreen articles can easily fill half a social media calendar without the overlap being obvious or seeming intrusive to the target audience.

The role of social media

The roles of content marketing and social media marketing are closely intertwined. On the one hand, it is all but impossible to develop a sustainable social media presence without relevant content. On the other hand, good content can hardly find an audience without an active community that both distributes and reacts to it with comments. Nor, by the same token, can social media ads work effectively and reach their targets if they lack their own distinctive social media presence.

The new role of the newsletter

In the area of client relationships, content marketing functions particularly well in conjunction with an newsletter. A blog with a good mix of articles in a newsletter format – featuring photographs and texts, together with up- and cross-selling measures, and distributed at regular intervals – is an effective tool for attracting both existing and potentially new customers. With a modest amount of effort, such a measure can target both groups and spur greater interest.

The dream of automation

Working with a clear content management concept or content marketing strategy makes a certain degree of automation possible. This has the advantage that with a single click, content can be forwarded to various social media channels without the reader being aware of that (unless desired). Automation not only saves time, but it also drives a given presence on other social media channels using the same resources. Success on such a scale is determined by a professional social media management tool: by bundling inquiries on all social media platforms and channels in order to work through them more efficiently, for example.

As a strategic, albeit complex marketing tool, content marketing is clearly a long-term investment. It represents the production and distribution of both relevant and consistent content that is aimed at activating and retaining a specific target group, and promotes profitable client interaction. We at Brain & Heart Communication are your content marketing experts in the area of consulting, strategy, conceptualisation, project management, commissioning and follow-up evaluation. We invite you to contact us for a non-binding offer.

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